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Sun & Surf Collection


The taste and smell of coconut are synonymous with the beach, from umbrella drinks to fresh desserts to the milk and flesh of the coconut itself. Something about the scent instantly transports your thoughts to warm beaches and cool water. Light a Coconutty candle and instantly be whisked away to your favorite beach.

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar is an ode to your favorite beach bar, and the fruity concoctions served in souvenir cups. Let the combination of passionfruit, sugared citrus, and exotic florals inspire you to pull out that souvenir cup you have sitting around and enjoy your favorite beverage. Maybe even add a paper umbrella. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Ocean Breeze

The beach house we stay at on vacation with our parents has a table and chair on the deck where we spend a lot of time eating and drinking. Spending time outside with the breeze of the ocean makes the food and drink taste a bit better, and the memories more special.

Ocean Breeze combines the scents of seawater, fresh air, and sparkling citrus allowing your food, drink, and memories to be a bit sweeter no matter when you are.

Root Beer Float

Summer and ice cream just go together. Combining two favorites, root beer and vanilla ice cream make any summer night extra special. Sitting outside of your favorite ice cream shop or on your porch sharing this treat with a loved one is the perfect ending to any day.

This candle delivers the spiciness of the root beer combined with the vanilla from the ice cream. Root Beer Float will make you feel like a kid again.

Corner Cafe Collection

Black Currant Tea

A warm cup of black tea invites you to ease into your day and curl up with your favorite book or journal, and so does our Black Currant Tea candle. This candle will fill your home with the combination of currants and black tea morning, noon, or night.

Hazelnut Cappucino

I am a total sucker for a beautiful mug of cappuccino with a pretty heart or flower drizzled into the foam – they always look too good to drink. The best part of a cappuccino is that it often means I am sitting across from a good friend, taking a moment to catch up. When I burn this candle, it feels like a warm hug from a friend and instantly makes me think about those that mean the most to me.

Lemongrass Green Tea

Just like a cup of green tea, this candle will brighten your day and spirit with its combination of green tea, lemongrass, key lime, and white ginger, then smoothed out with a hint of vanilla. A cup of green tea and our Lemongrass Green Tea candle have been known to help power people through the afternoon.

Hot Cocoa

As a kid, hot cocoa meant it was a snow day, and I was warming up after playing outside with friends. As a mom, hot cocoa was the drink of choice for my daughter when we would take a pit stop while running errands. It meant time for a snack and conversation before finishing our to-do list.

Our Hot Cocoa will fill your room with the rich smell of hot cocoa that would make Willy Wonka jealous.

Candles Cooling on Table

Test Kitchen Collection

Our Test Kitchen candle is a limited edition fragrance. A new candle will be released every other month and will only be available while the limited quantities last.

Italia Collection


My first experience with Limoncello was at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house after Thanksgiving dinner. His uncle brought out a bottle of his homemade limoncello. The smell of the lemon with the hint of sugar filled my nose as I brought the shot glass to my mouth. We toasted each other and enjoyed family stories. So allow us to raise a shot of limoncello to you and wish you health and happiness. Salut!

Strawberry Gelato

On our trip to Italy, our daughter Julia ate as much and as many different types of gelato she could. The one she loved the most was the strawberry gelato at the bar down the street from our hotel in Rome. It was served in a beautiful glass bowl with wafer cookies sticking in the gelato. While she wasn’t able to bring the actual gelato home with her, she says this candle is the next best thing.

Cucina di Zia (Aunt’s Kitchen)

While in Sicily, we stayed with John’s aunt in her lovely house. She is a fantastic cook, and her food was just what our jet-lagged bodies needed. She was always busy in her kitchen, and this fragrance reminds us of her and her cooking. Olive oil was used in everything and formed the basis of this floral aroma that we smelled throughout her entire house. It reminds us of her warm and welcoming embrace.


Espresso is life in Italy. It is served in the morning to kick off your day and after your meal with dessert. It is more of a social experience rather than just a shot of caffeine. It’s a moment to sip and savor life. I have such a great memory of sitting in a piazza with family sipping espresso and enjoying life. I couldn’t exactly follow the conversations due to my poor Italian language skills, but I could feel the passion and warmth of family telling old stories.

Forget your to-do list for a while – turn your home into an Italian piazza and savor the creamy smell of espresso wafting through the air.

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