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To be honest, I like to bake more than cooking. It may be because my analytical brain likes that it is about formulas and ratios. It also probably has to do that I used to bake a lot to when I was stressed. Cooking allows for more flexibility, which I…

5 Fun Facts About Sparkling Wine

In honor of our first Test Kitchen candle, Champagne Bubbles, we pulled together some fun facts about sparkling wine. The pressure in a sparkling wine bottle reaches between 70 to 90 pounds per square inch. This pressure is why sparkling wine bottles are thicker than other types of wine. Don’t…

Garlic Facts and Hacks

April 19 is National Garlic Day. In our house, every day is a celebration of garlic. John’s dad grows garlic at his home, and we love to get braids of garlic from him to add to all our dishes. In the spirit of the month, I would shave a few…

Pocket Sandwiches Around The World

April 8 was National Empanada Day which got me thinking of how much I love empanadas, but also about how so many cultures have their version of a pocket sandwich. I decided to do a little research about a few and found that a lot of them were created from…

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